Peugeot e-208 und Ladegedöns

Sicherheitskritische Daten auf

/usr/bin/python3 /opt/psacc/ -f config.json -c charge_config1.json -r \
-m -P Pp7RLxRM -l -p 8080

Get the car state


Get the car state from cache to avoid to use psa api too much


Stop charge


Set hour to stop the charge to 6am


Change car charge threshold to 80 percent


Refresh car state (ask car to send its state):


Start/Stop preconditioning

curl or 0

You can add the -r argument to record the position of the vehicle and retrieve this information in a dashboard. You will be able to visualize your trips, your consumption and some statistics.

You have to add an api key from in your config file, to be able to see your consumption vs exterior temperature.

You have to add an api key from to have your C02 emission by KM (in France the key isn't needed).

The dashboard can give you the price by kilometer and price by kw that you pay. You just have to set the price in the config file.

After a successful launch of the app, a config.ini file will be created. In this file you can set the price you pay for electricity in the following format "0.15".

If you have a special price during the night you can set "night price", "night hour start" and "night hour end". Hours need to be in the following format "23h12"?

You can modify a price manually in the dashboard. It can be useful if you use public charge point.

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