The normal mode of the device is its typical operational state when powered on, free from alarms, updates, calibrations, or ongoing configuration changes. LED blinking: In normal mode, the LED will blink 0,5 sec on, 2 sec off to indicate the device's status. The LED colours and patterns will depend on whether the device is included or excluded from the network, as well as whether it is calibrated or not.

Plug S

When plugged for the first time:

Blue light flashing, indicating AP mode.

When plugged/powered again after being successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network:

Red light flashing, indicating the the Device is reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Constant red light, indicating that the Device cannot reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

Green: This LED colour pattern indicates that the device is added (included) in the network.

Red SOLID ON: Settings mode

The Settings mode is an alternate operational state that can be accessed by pressing the designated service button (S button). This mode enables users to add, remove, reset or calibrate the device. When the device is in settings mode, the LED will remain solidly lit to indicate the device's status. The LED colours will depend on the action being taken.

Blue: This LED colour is used for adding (inclusion) or removing (exclusion) of the device from the network.

Red: This LED colour is used for a factory reset.

Settings in progres: The next state involves executing the selected setting. To start this mode is required releasing the S button momentarily and promptly pressing it again while you're in the setting you want to trigger.

LED blinking: In settings in progres, the LED will blink 0,1 sec on, 0,1 sec off to indicate the setting being executed. The LED colours and patterns will depend on the selected setting.

Blue: This LED colour indicate that the adding (inclusion) or removing (exclusion) of the device is in progres.

Red :factory reset is in progres.

Press to turn On/Off the output.

Press and hold 3 sec to check status (Possible only when the output in Off).

Press and hold 5 sec to reboot (Possible up to 60 sec after plugging the Device).

Press and hold 10 sec to factory reset (Possible up to 60 sec after plugging the Device).

Diese Fehlermeldung erscheint, wenn man versucht, das Device auf der Shelly Cloud zu integrieren. Ursache: die Unique ID des Devices war anfangs nur sechs-stellig und damit zu kurz, um in der gesamten Geräte-Population absolut eindeutig zu sein.

Device ID: 42E6AE (4384430)

Das kann man aber ändern. Wenn der Shelly im lokalen Netz ist, reicht ein http GET auf diese lokale Adresse


Der Shelly Plug S bootet neu und muss wieder in das lokale WLAN übertragen werden. Danach hat er eine lange Unique ID

Device ID: BCFF4D42E6AE (207804698912430)

Das Aufnehmen in die Shelly Cloud funktioniert ohne Probleme.

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